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Realistic: Maidenhead - Reviews

reviewed by: Noah Wane, Splendid Magazine,

In the Seeland tradition, Realistic brings you pop-culture-aware, experimental music that is at once interesting and entertaining. Dance-oriented beats accompany ecclectic sample-collages throughout -- and did I mention those wacky song titles? Highlights of the disc include "Radio Document" -- its disjointed, sampled dialogue and FM radio channel-scanning effect are reminiscent of the work of Canadian experimentalist Dan Lander. "Smells Like Teen Disco" would be a "four-on-the-floor" dance hit if it weren't for the fact the the beat keeps disappearing, and then it's over before it really starts! "Guitar Masturbator" is a noisy funk affair -- sounds like something off of the Beastie Boys Ill Communication but with a vocoded singer. "Handicap Bathroom" is a dubby, quirky bit of digital datum -- subtle, tasteful and aurally fascinating. This last description goes for the whole disc really. Fans of past Seeland releases won't be disappointed with Maidenhead. Really, I promise!

reviewed by: RM, Vital Weekly,

Realistic is James Towning. He runs the Black Music label. But this CD is on the label of Negativland and I can hear why. "A lot of these men have experienced abuse themselves as children, either sexual, physical or emotional abuse". Although there is more "music" on this CD then you would normally be used to from CD's from this label, it still sounds like a real Seeland CD; lots of cut-ups, voices, etc."Your eyes make me so exciting". The music bit is most of the time made up out of breakbeats, quite nicely done actually. "I wanna feel you in bed. You can touch me any part you like". Familiar samples in the music that works very well. "Simple click does it all". A very good CD! Nice and funny.

Nitsuh Abebe, All Music Guide,

Maidenhead offers surprisingly pleasant listening, given its conceptual origin -- the album's focus is on manipulated media samples of the Negativland variety and accessibly chaotic beat collages, but some effective cut-and-pasting, a few slightly funky grooves, and tonal synth padding combine to make the whole fractured tapestry as enjoyable as simple electronica.